Saturday, July 19, 2014

Paleo diet - eat like the caveman the best plan

Paleo diet - eat like the caveman the best plan

The paleo diet is also known as the caveman diet plan or known as the hunter gatherer diet and the main concept in this diet Is make people able to follow the same eating habits of the humans who had lived thousands of years ago by avoiding the processed foods and focusing on the natural foods, this diet is simple and everyone can understand it  and many people thinks that nowadays bad eating habits caused many problem they says that the ancient people did not suffer of cancer which were unheard of  disease  and also diseases like diabetes , acne, obesity and colon diseases all are a result of that people do not feed  them well.
Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal , so when we think about following a specific diet we think about breakfast , so that paleo diet focusing on the breakfast meal and which recipe you can follow to prepare the most healthy food items, many people says that cooking is an art and I think that's correct if you want to eat you have to know how to cook first , around the world egg is the most common classic breakfast and ofcourse paleo diet is concerned about that, but the only thing you have to do to make your eggs breakfast is a paleo diet friendly breakfast is changing your cooking style  not just prepare a usual hard boiled or oven baked eggs, the only change is cooking it with some raw vegetables that you choose yourself.
In the early morning it becomes more healthy if you just add a piece of fruit to your breakfast and you can replace that with a fruit smoothie if you like and as a suggestion you can add strawberries which is a very good fruit because that in fact it's have many benefits it's contains very powerful anti oxidant elements and  for more delicious taste you can add a thick cream to your paleo diet breakfast fruit , if you are a smoothies fan it's ok make your own fruit smoothie by using ice cubes as a base and adding some fruits to your blender and for the milk I recommend the coconuts milk which is the number one natural milk source around.

If you do not like eating in the early morning , you can skipe this because some people can not handle the stress of waking up early.

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